Annual Art Exhibition

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Annual  Art  Exhibition
The schools have a historic link to the Café Gallery in Southwark Park where an annual schools art exhibition has taken place over many years.
The art gallery gives an amazing light filled space and a great blank canvas to showcase and exhibit high quality children’s art work, based around a common agreed theme. The art work is curated by the team at the gallery who display all work expertly.
At times some schools have had artists in residence working with their school on specific pieces to exhibit.
The last few years have seen a wide ranging variety of pieces from 3D sculptures to fine drawings.
The exhibition usually takes place in February with the exhibition launch a week before the start of the half term. 
During the week before half term each school has the opportunity to bring the children to view the exhibition and for many children the thrill of seeing their work on display is not only exciting but such a confidence boost.
The children will review and critic pieces, talk about their favourite item on display and given reasons why. Techniques will be discussed and ideas to inspire are generated.
During the half term the parents, relatives and friends of the children are encouraged to visit the exhibition, so again the children’s sense of pride regarding their own art work and items from their school can be shared and admired.